ER Style Collet Chucks

ER Style Collet Chucks

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Collet chucks are used to hold cutting tools and adapt them to the spindle of CNC machining centre or manual turret or universal milling machines. The ER system has become the system of choice in most workshops, collet chucks are designated by the spindle taper of the machine and size range collets to be used.

There are numerous machine spindle tapers including BT, CAT, HSK, ISO (or NT), Morse Taper, R8 and even straight shank all with various ER series combinations. Collets chucks are also available in different length to increase the reach of a cutting tool this is more common on CNC machines.

Example: NT40 spindle taper to suit ER40 collets or BT40 with ER16 collets.



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