ER Style Collets

ER Collets

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The “ER” collet system is the most widely used clamping system in workshops today becoming the system of choice over Clarkson Autolock, Ozlock, Poziloc, R8 and 5C collet types. ER Collets are typically used in a collet chuck to clamp cutting tools for drilling, reaming milling tools in a machine spindle.

The standard series of collets are ER-8, ER-11, ER-16, ER-20, ER-25, ER-32, ER-40, and ER-50, this series number designates the opening diameter (in mm) of the taper of the holding device. ER collets are made from high quality, hardened steel and have a spring type geometry giving them a 1mm range, this means they will collapse to 1mm below their nominal size however, in ER50 the range is 2mm and in some small series it is 0.5mm.

ER Collets are also available in 0.5mm steps.


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