MAQ Vibration Damped Milling Tool

A Vibration Damped Tool Holder with Self-Tuning Mass Damper

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A Vibration Damped Milling Tool That Remove Material Faster

Reduce vibrations with damped milling tools with the Self Tuning Mass Damper™ (STMD) technology from MAQ.

Vibration damped milling tool holders contain a tungsten mass supported by polymer discs, which have a frequency-dependent stiffness. The mass dampers have a self-tuning function that help you overcome vibrations in machining caused by:

  • Use of multiple inserts on a single tool holder, for high feed rate per rotation / revolution
  • Tooth passing frequency matches the resonance frequency
  • Long reach of a milling tool that requires L/D ratios over 4

The STMD technology allows the vibration damped milling arbor to automatically tune to a changing frequency, when the machining condition is changed. The result is an optimal vibration dampening of the milling tool and reduced vibrations in milling machining processes.

By using our vibration damped milling holders, you can:

  • Double the number of cutting edge comparing to a conventional holder
  • Reduce the cycle time by up to 50%, while maintaining the same cutting data (feed per teeth and speed)
  • Get a better surface finish as well as meet tougher tolerance requirements,
  • Enjoy the silence in milling process.

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