Reversible Tapping Chucks

Reversible Tapping Chucks

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A tapping chuck is used in a milling or drilling machine to enable the efficient and safe tapping of open or blind holes whilst minimising the risk of tap breakage. Tapping chucks can be of reversing or non reversing types and have an adjustable clutch which can be set to suit the size and the type of tap to be used. Reversing type tapping chucks will automatically disengage the forward drive and engage the reverse drive when the quill feed lever is placed in a reverse direction.

For CNC machine centres a tension/compression type of tapping chuck is available, this type provides axial and radial float of the tap which lessens the possibility of tap breakage when the spindle direction changes and the tap is reversed out of the hole. Normally this type of tapping chuck will use an ER style collet however there is also a quick change system available where the tap adaptors can be fixed drive or clutch type.


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