Sutton Fasteners Black Book

Sutton Fasteners Black Book

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Fastener Black Book contains a wealth of up-to-date, useful, information within over 240 matt laminated grease proof pages.

It is an invaluable guide to fasteners and ideal for engineers, trades people, apprentices, machine shops, tool rooms and technical colleges.Includes a bonus drill point sharpening gauge.

The book consists of 248 Pages with details on:
• Screw thread fundamentals • Standards • Heat treatment • Thread classes • Grades • Materials & coatings • Failures & corrosion • Thread terminology • Tolerances • Fastener strengths & markings • Hydrogen embrittlement • Screw thread profiles • Dimensional Specifications DIN / ISO / ANSI • Galling • Material selection • Torque control • Platings • Elevated temperature effects.

The Sutton Fasteners Black Book easily fits into a pocket or tool box and it is in lay flat with wire binding for ease of use on a workbench.




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