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Vibration in machining generally means damaged parts, inferior surface finish, reduced life of cutting inserts and dramatically increased production costs. Machining operations using high length to diameter ratio tools (L/D) have the most prominent vibration issues.


The complex problem is the change of vibration frequency on cutting tools due to the cutting condition changes such as tool wear, wearing joints, variation of work piece materials and changes of machining set up. Traditional products on the market require the optimised tuning of the cutting tools to ensure its performance.


MAQ of Sweden has pioneered a technology on dampened machining tools, that simplifies machining by eliminating costly vibration.

The unique Self Tuning Mass Damper™ enables MAQ toolholders to reduce the need for secondary machining operations while: Improving Surface Finish; Accelerating Cycle Time; Decreasing Tooling Costs; Lowering Scrap Rates; and Reducing Energy Consumption Rates.



Totally Plug & PlayMaintenance FreeSelf-Tuning
The MAQ Self-Tuning Mass Damper™ (STMD™) is easy to install and easy to use. Think of it as a “smart tool holder” that adjusts to machining conditions in real time while enabling you to reduce total cost of ownership (TCO) by up to 30%.The MAQ Self-Tuning Mass Damper™ (STMD™) is an alternative to traditional tool holders and boring bars. It’s the only self-adjusting tool on the market that maximizes mass damping.The STMD’s™ self-tuning features make the tool holder easy to use and significantly improve productivity. The STMD™ also enhances the quality of machined parts and increases the probability of jobs finishing on-time, on-spec and on-budget.
MAQ Vibration Damped Milling Tool

MAQ Vibration Damped Milling Tool

A Vibration Damped Tool Holder with Self-Tuning Mass Damper

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MAQ Vibration Damped Turning Tool

A Vibration Damped Tool Holder with Self-Tuning Mass Damper

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