We strive to provide high quality products at highly-competitive prices. It is also our policy to maintain sufficient stock levels to be able to offer quick deliveries of standard off-the-shelf items. With our depth of knowledge in the CNC field, we can provide assistance for your standard and special CNC tooling applications. We are specialised in manufacturing a variety of Slotted Tool Discs & Holders for CNC turning and turn mill centers. Should you have any question, inquiry or suggestion, please feel free to contact us at anytime, we’ll reply shortly.


Sphoorti BMT Toolholders

Sphoorti BMT Toolholders. For CNC Turn Mill centres. Made to DIN 1809.

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Sphoorti Driven Toolholders

Sphoorti Driven Toolholders. To suit various drive types.

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Sphoorti Slotted Toolholders

Slotted Tool-holders For CNC Lathe turrets.

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Tool Discs

Sphoorti Turret Heads (Tool Discs)

Sphoorti Turret Heads (Tool Discs). Suitable for both flat bed and slant bed CNC lathes turrets are available in 8 and 12 Station types to accommodate slotted or VDI type toolholders.

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Sphoorti VDI Toolholders

Quick changeover VDI toolholders made to DIN 69880. Manufactured from toughened steel and the shank section is hardened to 58HRC and teeth are ground.

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Sphoorti VTP Toolholders

Sphoorti VTP Toolholders. For CNC Turning Centres, suitable for vertical toolposts.

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