Autowell specializes in the production of high-quality Machine Vices and workholding fixtures, with a strong emphasis on precision and durability. Founded in 1980, Autowell has established itself as a leading manufacturer in the industry, initially focusing on producing Hydraulic Power Machine Vices. The company’s founder, Philip Lin, has been dedicated to advancing the machinery industry through a commitment to honor, quality, service, and innovation. Over the years, Autowell has accumulated a wealth of expertise and technical skill, contributing to its reputation for creating high-quality products.

Autowell’s product range is distinguished by several patented features that set its Machine Vices apart from competitors. These include the Wellock Anti-Lift Mechanism, Mechanical Booster, and other innovations designed to enhance the functionality and reliability of their vices.

The company’s products are ISO 9001 certified, underscoring their commitment to maintaining high standards of quality and customer satisfaction.

One of the standout products in Autowell’s lineup is the ATW Machine Vice, suitable for milling machine work. It is known for its high clamping force and precision machining capabilities, thanks to the Wellock reduced-lifting mechanism. This mechanism is particularly noteworthy for minimizing workpiece lifting, ensuring more accurate and reliable machining operations. The ATW Machine Vice is also designed to be used in rows for vices of the same model, thanks to the precision of the vice base height.

The body of the vice is made from FCD-60, a type of ductile iron known for its strength and durability, with a body hardness of HS65. The jaw material is S50C, with a jaw hardness of HRC54, further contributing to the vice’s robustness and longevity.

Autowell’s commitment to innovation and quality has made it the earliest and most professional precise vice manufacturer in Taiwan. By continuously studying and developing high-quality products, along with providing perfect service, Autowell aims to satisfy its customers and meet the evolving needs of the machinery industry.

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