GPPH Welding Equipment

GPPH Welding Equipment. GPPH thinks outside the box; the results are easily seen in our creative solutions. GPPH believes that everything it does challenges the “status quo.” GPPH changes the world by helping other companies to become stronger. It just so happens that GPPH produces excellent welding tools, which are both user-friendly and beautifully designed. The mutual respect and pursuit of the highest goals at GPPH result in cooperation with the best specialists in the industry around the world.

GPPH Welding Tables offer three series: PRO, PLUS, and ECO, each available in 10 different dimensions. These tables are designed for precise welding applications, whether it’s manual or robotic welding. By using these tables, you can achieve accurate constructions without the need for unnecessary corrections.

The GPPH Welding Tables ensure ergonomic and efficient work while maintaining precision and repeatability in your structures. You have the option to choose tables with legs on feet or legs on wheels, depending on your preference and mobility needs.

The hole systems available for the PRO, PLUS, and ECO Welding Tables include:

  • Ø28 mm holes in a 100×100 mm grid
  • Ø28 mm holes in a diagonal grid
  • Ø16 mm holes in a 100×100 mm grid
  • Ø16 mm holes in a diagonal grid
  • Ø16 mm holes in a 50×50 mm grid

With these versatile options, you can select the most suitable hole system for your specific welding requirements.

A demonstration structure assembled on the PRO Traditional Welding Table.

The GPPH Welding Tables are constructed using S355J2+N material in accordance with ISO 2768-1 standards. Each table top features an engraved scale consisting of vertical and horizontal lines in a 100x100mm grid pattern. This scale serves as a reference point for laying constructions and assembling tools, allowing for precise positioning and dimensioning using measuring tools.

To ensure a perfectly flat work surface, all tables are equipped with ribs that are spaced at intervals of approximately 400 mm. These ribs provide excellent stability during use and prevent deformation of the table top. The sidewalls of the tables have a height of 200 mm and are manufactured with a deviation tolerance of ±0.3°, further enhancing the structural integrity and stability of the tables.