Sloky® torque controlled screwdrivers feature a unique adaptor which prevents damage to screws from over tightening.

The principle can be likened to that of a non return ratchet torque socket where once the demand torque is reached a “CLICK” sound is heard and continued tightening does not increase the torque on the screw. The screwdriver consists of 3 parts – a handle, a torque adaptor and screw bit.


Sloky Pro Station

Pro Station – Work station with 3 handles, adaptors in Torx®, Torx Plus® (IP) and Hex Bits.

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Sloky Screwdriver Adaptors

All adaptors are colour coded to suit the specific torque range.

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Sloky Screwdriver Bits

The screw bits are also colour coded to match the corresponding torque adaptor. Bits are available in in different lengths and these screw types;

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Sloky Screwdriver Handles

Universal type – for holding in different ways with a large support for finger and thumb.

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Sloky Single Size Set Kit

Single Size Set  – Slim Fit handle with dedicated torque adaptor plus short and long bits.

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Sloky Togo Kit

Togo Kit – Includes Slim Fit and Universal handles, torque adaptors plus short and long bits.

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