Machine Vices

Autowell offers a comprehensive range of high-quality machine vices designed to meet the demanding requirements of various machining operations. These vices are engineered for precision, durability, and reliable performance, making them an essential tool for industrial and workshop settings.

Main Features:

  1. Robust Construction: Crafted from high-strength ductile iron (FCD-60), Autowell machine vices have exceptional rigidity and tensile strength, capable of withstanding the rigors of continuous use.
  2. Precision Engineering: With features like the Wellock Anti-Lift Mechanism and precise manufacturing tolerances, these vices ensure accurate and stable workpiece clamping, minimizing deflection and lifting during machining processes.
  3. Surface Hardness: The slide surfaces are flame-hardened to HS65°, maintaining the vice’s accuracy over time and resisting wear and tear.
  4. Durable Jaw Plates: The S50C jaw plates undergo carburizing heat treatment, achieving a hardness of HRC54°, ensuring long-lasting performance and reliable clamping.
  5. Versatile Clamping: With multiple clamping positions and jaw openings, Autowell vices accommodate a wide range of workpiece sizes and shapes, enhancing their versatility across various machining applications.
  6. Sealed Bearing System: The bearing system is designed for durability, with special treatments to extend its lifespan and protect against contaminants.
  7. High Clamping Force: Offering impressive clamping forces, these vices ensure your workpieces are securely held during precision machining operations.

Whether you’re working on milling, grinding, drilling, or shaping projects, Autowell Machine Vices provide a solid foundation for your machining needs. With their focus on precision, durability, and versatility, these vices are the go-to choice for professionals seeking reliable and high-performance workholding solutions.