The Nine9 Chamfer Mill is engineered for precise chamfering and countersinking with an indexable insert. This insert is meticulously designed for high-speed machining, featuring multiple flutes that enhance feed rates, optimizing performance, and reducing cutting time.


Ultra High Speed and Feed Rate:

The most significant advantage of Nine9 Chamfer Mills lies in its ultra-high speed and feed rate capabilities. Unlike traditional chamfer tools, these mills operate at a cutting speed four times faster and offer a feed rate ten times higher. This exceptional efficiency makes them the most efficient tools you’ve ever encountered.

Excellent Repeatability:

• Smallest Indexable countersink with a diameter of ø7 mm.

• The insert features a dual-relief angle, specially honed edges, and an optimized coating for high cutting speeds.

• The number of teeth on the holder has been optimized to achieve higher feed rates.


• Suitable for both front and back chamfering.

• Capable of 90° countersinks and 45° chamfering.

• Ideal for counter sinking, circular chamfering, contour chamfering, and face milling.


• Each insert is equipped with 4 cutting edges.

• Ensures a long tool life.

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