The “i-Centre” is a registered trademark of Nine9, the pioneering force behind the world’s inaugural patented indexable centre drill. Through the introduction of an indexable insert system, the revolutionary “i-Centre” design by Nine9 significantly amplifies process performance, leading to noteworthy enhancements in your operations.

World’s First Indexable Centre Drill

This innovation reduces setup and centre drilling time while simultaneously increasing tool life and diminishing tooling costs.

High Speed, High Feed Rate 

The specialized ground insert and rigid holder design allow for remarkable speed and feed rates performance. As an example, drilling alloy steel at 6000 rpm with a feed rate of 600 mm/min (0.1 mm/rev).

Easy Tool Length Setting 

The axial position accuracy of the insert measures at 0.05 mm (.002”). This precision eliminates the need to reset the tool length when changing the insert or cutting edge.

Excellent Repeatability

The insert’s positioning repeatability, within 0.02 mm (.0008”) in the radial direction, guarantees alignment with national standards.

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