Internal diamond burnishing – for surface finish below Ra 0.3 µm !! MAQ New Product Release.

Internal diamond burnishing – Achieving a high-quality surface finish in internal machining has traditionally been a challenge, particularly when dealing with deep and narrow holes that require a tool with a long overhang. To address these complex processes, MAQ is proud to introduce its diamond burnishing line, featuring multiple cutter heads designed with the SL interface.

diamond burnishing

With MAQ’s new diamond burnishing product line, you can achieve an impressive surface finish of Ra 0.3 µm, even with tools set up at 15 times the diameter (15xD). Take a look at the example of MAQ’s 25mm product series to see the remarkable results for yourself. We invite you to watch the video demonstration at the following link: In this video, MAQ showcase the external turning process, allowing you to clearly observe the achieved surface finish.

diamond burnishing

The diamond burnishing process is renowned for its ability to produce a glossy surface finish with minimized friction. It offers additional benefits such as a hardened surface layer for enhanced wear resistance and a compact surface topology that provides improved chemical resistance. By utilizing a MAQ STMD turning tool holder, the burnishing tool can deliver these advantages to your turning machine, even for internal turning operations. The best part is that you won’t need to modify the setup of your workpiece clamping to achieve these benefits.

diamond burnishing 1

Is MAQ the first in the world to achieve this for up to 15xD overhang? If you are encountering difficulties in achieving a surface finish below Ra 0.8 µm during internal turning operations, MAQ is here to assist you. Contact MAQ or your MAQ partner to simplify your machining process!

MAQ’s mission is to introduce new technologies to workshops, making operations more efficient, faster, and easier. In other words, our goal is to “Simplify Machining”!

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