EP01 Dormer Gun Nose Tap



Spiral point tap with chamfer form B with a 3.5-5xP second lead, for ISO-Metric thread M2 with 0.40 mm pitch and 6H class of fit, dimensions according to DIN 371 standard with 2.8mm shank and 2.1mm square drive, powder metallurgical HSS-E with steam tempered surface finish for 2.5xD through hole threading in general purpose applications.

Dormer DIN Gun Nose Tap Features:

  • Steam Tempered (Steam Oxide) Surface Treatment
  • Thread Form, Metric Coarse
  • DIN 371 – Thread Form Standard
  • DIN Thread Pitch Diameter Tolerance Zone (high basic pitch diameter)
  • Through Hole Application
  • 2.5×D Usable Tool Depth to Diameter Ratio
  • High Speed Cobalt Steel Tool Material
  • Plug Tap Chamfer (3.5 – 5 Pitch Lead)
  • Spiral Point Geometry
  • Right Hand Rotation / Cutting

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