Hot Spray Wash Powder


Hot Spray Wash Powder 20KG

Suitable for Hot Spray Wash machines WM1250


Hot Spray Wash Powder 20KG

Spray Wash Product Description: Introducing our Hot Spray Wash Powder (Spray Wash), a technologically advanced alkaline spray washing compound designed for both ferrous and nonferrous metals. Spray Wash is a free-flowing, light brownish powder formulated with components that suppress dusting and caking.

It has been specifically developed for use in the metalworking and automotive industries, where spray cleaning is commonly employed. Not only does Spray Wash exhibit superb cleaning performance, but it also excels in its rinse-ability. This makes it particularly suitable for pre-phosphating cleaning, as it eliminates alkaline carryover into the phosphate bath.

As Spray Wash does not contain harsh free caustic, it is considered industrially safe for cleaning all metals, including aluminium and magnesium. Spray Wash is classified as a ‘Quick Break Detergent’ and has undergone testing to ensure it breaks down within a 10-minute timeframe.


  1. Heavy-duty cleaning performance with industrial safety on all metals.
  2. Non-foaming even under severe spray wash conditions, such as high pressure, low temperature, or soft water.
  3. Safe for use on aluminium, galvanized, and other common metals like steel and magnesium.
  4. Free-rinsing properties for efficient cleaning.
  5. Quick dissolution for simplified recharging.
  6. Can be added to sequestering agents to effectively handle hard water. Spray Wash can be added to warm circulating water at a dosage of 10 to 28 grams per liter and heated to a temperature range of 71°C to 82°C.
  7. Buffered formulation ensures consistent cleaning effectiveness throughout the solution’s lifespan.
  8. Free from sodium hydroxide or free caustic.
  9. Biodegradable, allowing for direct sewage disposal in situations where effluent water pollution is a concern. For optimum performance and an extended working life of Spray Wash, we recommend removing heavy grease and oil contamination with a water blaster prior to placing the items into the parts washer. This practice reduces contamination in the tank and prolongs the active life of the product.

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Weight 21 kg
Dimensions 32 × 32 × 45 cm


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