K 30 0.8mm Dial Test Indicator


K 30 0.8mm Dial Test Indicator

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The Kafer high-quality Dial Test Indicators benefit from the utilization of the most modern methods in their production, rendering them sensitive and shock-resistant. The entire series presents numerous advantages:

  • All models with a reading range of up to 1 mm adhere to DIN 2270 standards. This encompasses all deviation spans, the measuring force, and the hysteresis error of the measuring force.
  • The direction of measurement automatically changes.
  • Clockwise indication in all types.
  • Precision components, operating with ruby bearings, ensure consistent high precision.
  • Precision bearing for the lever shaft.
  • The body features 3 dovetail slides designed for clamping the stem and other equipment.
  • The body is chromed, providing protection to the dovetail slides against damage.
  • Measuring inserts equipped with a 2 mm Ø tungsten carbide ball.
  • The dial can be adjusted using a knurled bezel.
  • Supplied in a convenient box with a transparent lid, including 1 stem Ø 8 mm h 6 and 1 spanner for changing the contact points.

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