PRO Tool Kit 60pc


PRO Tool Kit 60pc

Suits PRO Tables only

Available on back-order


PRO Tool Kit 60pc

Comes supplied complete with the below PRO Tools:-

8 x Standard Fastening Clamps

2 x Lever Fastening Clamp

18 x Assembly Bolt

4 x Eccentric Stop

4 x Stop 150

4 x Stop 225

1 x Protractor

2 x Precision Square 320x150mm

2 x Precision Square 320x250mm

4 x Angle Bracket 185x175mm

2 x Angle Bracket 200x200mm

2 x Angle Bracket 300x190mm

1 x Angle Bracket 450x250mm

2 x Prismatic Jaw 58mm 130°/90°

1 x Welding Torch Handle

1 x Medium Assembly Bolt Shelf

1 x Medium Clamp Shelf

1 x Medium Flat Shelf


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