ECOCOOL 700 NBF Machine Coolant


ECOCOOL 700 NBF 20L Machine Coolant


With over 90 years of experience in lubricant formulation, Fuchs has developed a unique water-dilutable cutting fluid, ECOCOOL 700NBF, designed to meet the increasing demands of industry. ECOCOOL 700NBF is especially well suited to applications where clarity and foam control are critical, forming a clear translucent solution in water, free from chlorine, nitrides and

ECOCOOL 700NBF is suitable for machining all ferrous and non-ferrous metals, from general to arduous machining applications.


No foam

Higher pressures and flow rates in new machining equipment generates severe conditions for a metalworking fluid, with foam generation causing poor tool life, pump damage and safety concerns. ECOCOOL 700 NBF is non-foaming, protecting your personnel and equipment.

Biocide Free

Biocides used in water miscible cutting fluids are widely recognized as skin irritants and in sensitive individuals cause allergic reactions. Many biocides are also toxic to humans and the environment. ECOCOOL 700 NBF does not need or contain hazardous biocides as its biostatic nature restricts the development of both bacteria and fungus, extending the life of the fluid and avoiding the typical problems of bad odours and corrosion. Risk of skin irritations in the workplace is also dramatically reduced.

Superior corrosion protection

Exhaustive testing shows that ECOCOOL 700 NBF offers the best corrosion protection compared with similar premium quality products on the market even in poor quality water with high
chloride/hardness. This allows use of lower dilution, reducing costs and the impact on the environment.





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