HSS-Co Core Drills


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Enhance your machining process with our long-lasting Excision HSS-Co Core Drills. Each drill has a well-balanced tooth geometry resulting in cleaner cuts, minimized machine fatigue, and improved drilling efficiency. All cutters have a multi-fit 3/4″ shank, making it compatible with most magnetic-based drills. Select from varying dimensions starting at 12mm and expanding to 50mm, expandable further to reach 60mm if necessary. 

Sizes vary from 12mm – 50mm (30mm DOC) & 12mm – 60mm (50mm DOC)

The HSS-Co Core Drills are also known as Annular Cutters or Broaching Cutters.

Key benefits include:

  • Superior material combination providing higher hole count per set
  • Optimized teeth configuration leading to easier cut progression
  • Universally fitted shank catering to different brands of magnetically supported machines
  • Reduced cross sectional area contributing to expedited piercing rate alongside decreased power requirements
  • Manufactured in Germany
  • Containing 5% Cobalt for extended tool life


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